7 Things Your Contractor Won't Tell You

It can be difficult to find a good contractor. Knowledge is half the battle, however, so try using these statements as a guide to only hiring the best and most reputable remodeling experts in your area. Here are just seven things that your contractor probably hasn't told you.

1. They Delegate

Your contractor might not do the job himself. He might have a team of sub-contractors to handle the everyday working, sawing, sanding, planning and budgeting of your remodel. If you want a contractor who really does work on-site, ask them in advance if they do.

2. They Work Multiple Projects At Once

The nature of the business means that contractors rarely work a single job at a time. Instead, they juggle multiple clients and multiple properties at once, which means they probably won't be at your house every day. They'll swing by according to a predetermined schedule.

3. They Might Not Be Licensed

Only some states require their contractors to be licensed. This doesn't mean they aren't experienced or can't handle your remodel, but if having real qualifications is important to you, make sure you ask them about their credentials.

4. They Make Their Own Prices

Contractors might tell you that a price is "standard," but this simply isn't true. They decide for themselves how much to charge for their labor. The only things set in stone are the prices of supplies and materials.

5. They Write Their Own Contracts

You can find templates for remodeling contracts on the web, but contractors are also allowed to draft their own. You'll want to make sure you read all the fine print before signing on the dotted line.

6. They're Actually Very Concerned About Safety

If your contractor knocks down a wall and discovers mold, they're legally required to stop working until the problem is resolved. This means a half-finished project and a delayed payday for them. They want things to go smoothly, so take their advice if they suggest hiring an exterminator or getting a wall evaluated.

7. They Aren't Designers

Most contractors have no idea how to style a room. They just build them. If you want to know how to best utilize your floor space or what kind of plumbing will really make your bathroom pop, don't ask your contractor.

These are just a few things to keep in mind when hiring a contractor. Learn more now by clicking here!

Your Golf Carts Reflect Your Club Professionalism

Image courtesy of tungphoto at FreeDigitalPhotos.net
Maintaining a golf course can be quite expensive when you consider the man hours and the products that go into maintaining different kinds of grass. The club itself needs to have the most attractive appearance as well if you want to keep patrons coming back to play. Even the carts themselves can demonstrate your level of professionalism. Nothing upsets a golfer more than to be in the middle of a course only to have the cart malfunction.

Regular Maintenance is Key

The club cars need to have a regular routine for maintenance in order to keep them at peak performance. These off road mini-vehicles are subjected to a great deal of wear and tear. Should one be inoperable, that is rental fees that you may be missing out on because of something that may be a simple fix. How equipped is your shop to handle various replacement of club car parts? It would be advisable to have specific parts on hand for quick fixes in order to keep the cart running. Every hour the cart is inoperable is potential rental fees down the drain.

Carts Play a Vital Role in Reputation

Many golfers are very particular to the course they frequent. If a club is known for having problem vehicles, these golfers may go elsewhere. This doesn't take into consideration of the clientele you may be missing out on. Perhaps one of these golfers was looking for a course to host a tournament - which means greater profits for your course. The golf cart may be with the player throughout the entire day. It needs to be an example of the professionalism you put into your establishment.

Although most golf carts can take quite a beating before they are inoperable, you should never underestimate the human element. Not all players will treat your carts with respect, and they could be subjected to a form of off road racing in the rough. In many regards, the golf cart can be as important to the experience of playing your course as the most green of fairways.

Re-New White Effect by Perwoll Liquid Detergent

Personally, I never thought of using liquid detergents. It's just that ever since, I have become accustomed to buying and using powdered detergents. However, one thing made me realize that some habits are meant to be broken – and I'm sure glad I took the chance! Since I discovered the re-new white effects that Perwoll Brilliant White liquid detergent offers, I knew that this fascination with the brand is bound to last for years.

Hello, Grayish White Clothes!

I'm a full-time mom, and maintaining my son's uniform's immaculate white glow is a MAJOR challenge. Seriously, I used to spend so much time bleaching his clothes, immersing them in detergent for hours, and rinsing them afterwards. For a busy person like me, this technique is just too stressful and time-consuming. In fact, there were times that I just gave up and decided to send his clothes to the laundromat. Okay, this wasn't exactly beneficial to his used-to-be-white uniforms, but hey, I'm a super busy woman with barely enough time in a day to spend hours washing his clothes.

A Brilliant Discovery

It might have been his gray uniforms or my sister's perfectionist nature that led me to start using this amazing liquid detergent brand. When my sister recommended me to try Perwoll Brilliant White liquid detergent, I was a little bit skeptical. In my head, I was like “How is this going to keep his uniforms white? It doesn't even have granules!” Still, I decided to give it a try when my sister handed me a small amount of this detergent, so I could test it and see the difference.

It was only a matter of time before I swallowed my words, because I saw for myself the amazing transformation that this product did to my clothes. The first time I tried this brand, I was so impressed that I decided to buy a bigger pack. From grayish clothes, I now have ultra-white uniforms – thanks to Perwoll's re-new white effect. 

How Perwoll Works Its Magic

This is not rocket science, guys. The secret to Perwoll's outstanding effects is in its Fiber Rebonding Technology. In simpler terms, it's that brilliant feature that helps clean, renew and smoothen every single fiber of your clothes no matter how frayed it seems. Special enzymes rebond each fiber of your clothes, so you can say hello to brand new-looking white clothes (and no one would know that you've had those outfits for years!).

To make it even better, Perwoll liquid detergent comes with a fresh scent that lingers on your clothes for hours. So, not only do your clothes look great and feel smooth, but they also have that amazingly haunting scent.

Why You'll Love Perwoll

It doesn't matter if you prefer to handwash or machine-wash your clothes, because Perwoll works both ways. You'll be captivated by its superb whitening technology, clean scent, and eco-friendly ingredients that are only tough on germs but kind to the environment.

Make that big switch now and discover how Perwoll really works. I was completely blown away by this product, and I bet you would be, too.

Stay Fresh and Clean with Pure 'N Fresh Cologne

Everyone's quite psyched about summer break – basking in the white sands, taking a refreshing swim, and just spending quality time with family and friends. With the summer months only a few days away, it is not surprising that most teens are caught daydreaming about going on a vacation to their dream places. However, before you hit the vacation mode, there are a few other things to think about. Completing school requirements and getting all prepped up for graduation are just some things you need to worry about – and these are enough to raise your stress levels!

Keep Calm and Stay Positive

Before you hit the panic button and go crazy about graduation and completion of requirements, it is always a good idea to just relax and take it easy. After all, you would not want to ruin your mood for your upcoming summer break, right? When stressful situations kick in, why not take a breather and manage to stay calm even when people around you go crazy about deadlines and all that drama? Nothing can be more refreshing than finding a quiet spot in school or at home, and escaping from the hustle and bustle of being a graduating student. You can choose to spend time with optimistic people, take a quick swim, or bask in the relaxing and calming scent of your favorite cologne to give you a dash of tranquility.

Pure 'N Fresh – Keeping You Relaxed All Day

Unilab's Pure 'N Fresh colognes offer various scents that will help you calm down and relax no matter how stressful life can get. With the delightful aroma featured in this product, you cannot help but experience what it is like to float on air and just get lost in the fantastic scent of these colognes. So, check out this product now and forget about all your worries this graduation month. Take your pick from the amazing choices of scents and feel fresh, cool and clean all day!

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